Daily Archives: May 19, 2011

Rewriting the history books.

In this section of reading we learn a little more about Winston’s job. His job is rewriting history, or as they like to refer to it as, “rectifying” history. Basically Winston changes the history to make it so people know only what “Big Brother” wants them to know.

To be honest I think the whole “rectifying” history thing is just plain stupid. Actually, it is wrong and stupid. History is our past, it is important; it is how we came to be how we are today. Yes, it may be bad, gross, and mind boggling, but we learn from it. That is why history is important, so we can learn to not do that mind boggling thing again. But, that is why “Big Brother” wants history rectified, so that the people do not learn from it, and do not learn that they can change the society they live in. The society they live in is truly a dystopian society. The changing history thing? That is just a small part of it.