Update on my thoughts…

Initially, I thought that I was going to absolutely hate this book, because as we all know, I am a modern Hippie who loves her some peace. Well, my opinion has changed a little.  While I will not say that I have grown to love this book, I will say that I have started to hate this book less. In fact, I could even say that I kind of like it. Along with being a hippie, I am a romantic. I love the romance. So, now that we have a little bit of romance in this story I find it easier to read. I still at times find it hard to read, because it makes me mad that they can just simply erase history, and someone can just disappear without people even questioning where they are and if they are okay. I hope that as I keep reading this book, I will start to like it more. Because, it is the last book I will ever read in High School. It has to have good memories, or I will forget it, just like I forgot the first book I read in high school.


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I am a high school senior...and this is a required project.

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