With Love, Comes Loss.

In this section of reading, one of the main things you see, is the blossoming romance between Winston and Julia. With Winston’s love, came a lot of loss. But, not loss of good things, that would make him sad to lose, but loss of bad things that make him happy to leave them behind. As Winston and Julia’s love blossomed, his drinking problem went away, along with his ulcer, varicose veins, and coughing fit. He no longer felt that life was intolerable, he did not feel the urge to make faces at the telescreen. He was happy and nothing else seemed to matter to him. I think this is very symbolic. Before Julia. Winston was plagued with many bad things and feelings. But, after Julia they are all gone. Julia brought out the good in Winston. I think Julia and Winston’s relationship is symbolic for having control. Winston and Julia have control of their relationship which makes them happy, and makes them almost forget how they have no control in all the other aspects of their life.


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