The Book is Read, Now Here is What I Think…

Weeks have passed, and now, I have officially finished my final book of high school. 1984, while I cannot say it was least favorite book, (I read “The Tempest”) it was not my favorite book. I would probably not recommend this book to my friends, because like me, they enjoy love stories, like Nicholas Sparks. However, for people who enjoy an almost Sci-Fi style of writing, this would be a perfect read. If I were a person who likes a good dystopian story, this book would be right up my ally. I think that for a dystopian novel it is written very well,it really does make you just look at the world of the people in this book, and truly feel bad for them. This book makes you ask yourself a lot of questions. Could this happen in our society today? Well, I sure hope not, I hope that people now are smart enough to not allow it to happen. Though with some of the people I have met, the world might not be smart enough to keep this from happening. Who is Big Brother, and is he really watching? Honestly, I do not think Big Brother is anyone. I think there is a group of people who want to be the ultimate leaders. I think that they are looking after people to make sure that the people of the society do not become smart enough to realize that the Big Brother they are looking up to does not exist. All in all, it was a book that I could manage to get through, but not a book I would go back to when I wanted to read a good book, as I often reread a lot of books. I like books that do not make you think much, they just flow in your mind. 1984 made me think, and it actually made me kind of sad, because I do not like seeing people being oppressed as they were in this book, I just wish I could dive into the book and make them make sense of what was going on. Read this book if you like a good book that makes your life look good, but if you want a book that you can just mindlessly read and love, then I recommend a good love story written by Nicholas Sparks!


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